ROSY / SIREL | knotted headband


Introducing our Rosy/Sirel headband, a delightful accessory featuring a charming knot detail. Available in two beautiful color options, Fondante Pink (Rosy) and Lilac Purple (Sirel), this headband effortlessly combines elegance with playful femininity. Crafted with meticulous care, it adds a touch of grace and style to any ensemble. Embrace the rosy hues and the subtle lavender tones, and elevate your look with the Rosy Sirel headband.
Fondante Pink, is a delicate and romantic shade that combines soft mauve tones with a hint of dusty rose, exuding a gentle and feminine allure.

Please note that this listing is for a single headband. The images showcasing different colors are for illustrative purposes to display the available color options. When making a purchase, please select your desired color from the dropdown menu to ensure that you receive the specific headband in your chosen color. The price indicated is for one headband only.

You can now buy our signature keepsake box separately for storing or gift giving, HERE.


Rosy/Sirel headband will ship in 2-3 working days following payment.