The Inspiration

By Katriin is an accessories brand that specializes in hair accessories for modern women who appreciate the unparalleled uniqueness of handmade items. All pieces are designed and handcrafted in our studio in Estonia. Katriin, the heart and soul behind the brand, has been creative all her life. Influenced by art galleries and exhibitions, she has always expressed herself through various forms of art, from painting to embroidery, which has played a significant role in shaping the brand.

Mesmerized by ballet from an early age, reflecting on the grandeur of an opera house and the enchanting costumes of ballet and opera has influenced her choice of hair accessories as a creative medium, particularly in the realm of bridal fashion. 

by katriin bridal headpiece
peavõru pruutidele
From bridal to everyday glamour

However in our view, styling oneself with headpieces like headbands, hairpins and barrettes goes beyond the wedding aisle. Every day is a celebration, and it’s deserving of adorning yourself with the finest and most unique accessories.

At By Katriin, we invite you to explore our collection—a fusion of timeless elegance and a celebration of femininity. Whether it’s a wedding, a soirée, or a simple day out, let By Katriin’s creations be the crowning glory that complements your beauty and captures the essence of your unique style. Crafted with finest fabrics and embellishments, we take pride in always choosing the materials that are gentle with your hair. All products are tried and tested before adding them to the collection – this is how excellent fit, detail accuracy and finish is achieved.

My mission is for you to have the perfect bridal headpiece for your beautiful day !