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About Us

My story

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with bridal fashion – when I got my hands on a wedding magazine I would marvel at the dresses for hours – grasped in all the beauty the magazine had to offer. I was always in the middle of handicraft – both my grandmothers knitted and did embroidery and my mother was always sewing something new and adorning my socks and gloves with bows and lace. I listened to stories about my great aunt working in iconic Horrockses Fashion House in England – exciting thing is that their dresses were worn by the Queen and Princess Margaret. I was a creative child -  played the piano, painted, embroidered and participated in the creative process whenever my mom sewed. Although I chose law as my profession, the appreciation of beauty and wish to create beautiful tangible things remained.

I started making hair pins while studying in the university as a way to relax. In search of a creative outlet by Katriin brand was born in 2010. A while after I stood upon a crossroad – to continue with law or begin new as a designer. I gathered my courage and took the path unknown. I must say, it all has been a dream come true.

Today, I’ve had the honour to design headpieces for exceptional women, for their wedding day or other special occasions. This, to me, means creating happiness and beauty and makes my eyes sparkle. I have met a lot of inspirational people thanks to my work and it is hard to put into words the profound feeling that being part of their great joy creates.



My work

I am so glad that many women have found their perfect headpiece for their special day, from my creations. The gorgeous collections for events as well as for everyday use reflects an attention to detail and sense of style. Adorn yourself with a headband, floral crown or hair pin and you are ready for compliments!

All my adornments are handmade, using best quality materials. I believe that an elegant detail makes the look complete and my work is suitable for anyone who appreciate the delicate, elegant and timeless beauty.

Get acquainted with my collections here, and there is always possibility to design something completely new together with you. Please feel free to learn more about bespoke,  contact me and let’s make your dreams come true.